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Leadership Team

ND Developers have the most efficient and experienced Board of Directors, who are actively involved in the day to day activities of the company. They have been at the helm of the organization providing direction and support whenever required. Under their guidance ND Developers has evolved into the most valued real estate development companies in Bangalore. Below is an introduction to our eminent Directors.

M.K.K Durani,
The Chairman, Managing Director and Co-Founder of ND Developers Pvt. Ltd
Mr. Durani is a highly experienced professional who has over 25 years of experience in construction and land development. His in-depth knowledge and expertise in property development has helped him handle various sensitive projects with great precision.

After completing his technical education in Civil Engineering, Mr. Durani worked with various reputed construction companies. This experience helped him recognize the need for residential properties across the city and he therefore started his own company ‘United Constructions’ in 1992. Under his leadership and guidance the company achieved a turnover of INR 348 lakhs. In 2002, Mr. Durani joined hands with Mrs. Ayesha Sultana to begin ND Developers with an objective to expand his business and establish a corporate set up.

During the course of his experience he has gained the trust and contacts of most acclaimed professionals in the field. He also has a great rapport with the Statutory Authorities. He keeps himself constantly updated on the changing building regulations of the state. He is the proprietor of Z. K. Constructions.

Mrs. Ayesha Sultana
The Executive Director of ND Developers Pvt. Ltd
Mrs. Ayesha is one of the most recognized and experienced professional in the marketing sector. Mrs. Ayesha Sultana co-founded ND Developers Pvt. Ltd with Mr. Durani in 2002. Well-known for her innovative techniques in marketing and creative strategies, she manages the complete promotional and marketing activities of ND Developers.

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